Chris Batcheller
Creative Director - CheckSix Creative Studio
March 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Aviation Marketing

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If you're in the business of earning a living in aviation, then you know that it is a unique industry.  Spanning from ultralights and light sport aircraft to the superjumbos the industry is as broad as it is unique. 


Within all those market segments are many niche markets, each with their own unique customer bases. Each customer base will respond to marketing differently. It's important to use the right messaging and know where to place the advertising to reach your unique customer. 


For any industry, it's important that your marketing agency understands your company, products, services and your customers. For aviation that is even more important.  It's paramount that your agency knows aviation - and not just the lingo they hear in the movies.

At CheckSix Creative Studio we've been bitten by the aviation bug just like you.   We not only understand aviation, we live it too. Ask us about our flight ratings, we love to talk shop. 

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