Biz and Mayhem Podcast

Co-hosted by Tara Parker and Chris Batcheller

E28 - Understanding Your Role at Work

Season 2, Episode 27


We made it to Mars again! 

F150’s powerhouses

Kansas lost $600 mil 

Coca-Cola Tells Their Employees To Try And Be "Less White"! 

Whistleblower: Under Armour Mandated That White Employees Watch Anti-White Diversity Training Videos 

FCC Commissioner Blasts Democrats For Pressuring Providers To Drop Right-Wing News Orgs From Cable: ‘Chilling Transgression Of The Free Speech Rights’ 

Boy Scouts celebrating first female Eagle Scouts 

Words Matter WaPo! 

Tiger Woods was found alive with serious injuries with no evidence of impairment after crash, officials say 

Trump and Arlington 

De Blasio Reverses Decision To Close Trump-Operated Ice Rinks After Outraged New Yorkers Blast Him

Ron DeSantis guy to watch? 

Gina Carano On Disney Firing: ‘Everyone Is Afraid Of Losing Their Job’ 

United Airlines flight suffers engine failure, sending debris falling on neighborhoods outside Denver 

United Airlines Investigating Who Leaked Ted Cruz Flight Details 

Cruz debacle 

California mother reacts to profanity-ridden hot mic moment of school board slamming parents 

Oakley Union School District Board Members Resign After Being Caught Bashing Parents 

HOT MIC: All Trustees Of School Board Resign After Mocking Parents Wanting Schools Reopened 

Blue dogs? Stray dogs with bright blue fur found in Russia 

Gamestop Lawsuits - ‘Roaring Kitty’ Sued for Securities Fraud Over GameStop Rise 

Career workout (Self-improvement)

Understanding Your Role at Work

Career Fail 

Flip Flop Fauci 

Tech IT Corner and Random Stuff we Buy

Mevo Start Webcam and Streaming Camera 

Media Madness

Chris's Pick - Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey 

Tara's Pick - Social Media Explained 

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Meet the Team

Co-hosts Tara Parker and Chris Batcheller talk careers, family life, and anything else that comes along the way. They are joined by Dads Care 2 founder Dennis Fontleroy to talk about parenting and life with kids. In this podcast, the segments are: The Newsroom, Career Workout (improve your career), The IT corner (tech stuff and software), Media Madness (book, articles, tv shows, movies), Parent Time, Career Fails (what not to do at work), and The Parent Life.


Tara is an organizational mastermind, a professional skills coach, writer and speaker. 


Chris is a dad of two and a parents right advocate as the Chair of the National Parents Organization Kansas Chapter. He is an engineering manager and owner of CheckSix Creative Studio, a marketing and video production company. 

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