Biz and Mayhem Podcast

Co-hosted by Tara Parker and Chris Batcheller

E35 - Getting Hired! Negotiations

Season 2, Episode 35

Negotiations Do's and Don't's:

1. Don't bring up salary first. This tends to give way to the idea that you are only interested in money. Employers pay for skills and talents not your desire for money. Money might be a driver but it should not be the only reason for applying for a position.
2. Don't make up a number. If you are applying for a role have an idea of what that role is worth, and, more importantly, why that role is worth that amount. That doesn't mean that is what you will earn but it should align pretty close to your desired salary.
3. Don't take the first offer given to you. It's not as though a potential employer wants to undercut you but they aren't going to just give away the bank, either. A little-known fact about negotiation is that more employers expect you to negotiate and will, often, be let down when you don't.
4. Don't go overboard or get greedy.

1. Do know the market value of the role. This means you are going to do some research, which can include internet searches to talking with professionals within the industry, if not the company you have applied with. Get an idea of what the going salary range is.
2. Do expect to go back and forth with the negotiation. No one should be trying to "win" when it comes to negotiation but there should be a happy medium where both parties feel good about the deal.
3. Do press your luck, a little. Being aggressive with your negotiation strategy is important in receiving an offer you will accept. Being unreasonable is another story!
4. Do have a strategy. Don't go all willy-nilly into a negotiation. Have a salary range you are comfortable with, maybe a sign on bonus range that you would sweeten the deal and perhaps some vacation. If you are not sure the company you applied with offers sign on bonuses or the like research and find out.
5. DO reflect on your interview to help create your negotiation strategy. You got an offer for a reason and those reasons are great for building your case when negotiating. Many employers will encourage you to negotiate by asking you to qualify your counter offer. So do it. Use your experience and specialized skills to support why you deserve more salary or that sign on bonus or vacation. Don't just expect it but know your why for it.
6. DO watch for red flags. If more than a few things seem off, it may not be a good company to work for.
7. Do be brave! Most of all, don't be afraid. Practice your negotiation strategy in your head or with someone that you feel comfortable with. Rolling over and playing dead at the first offer doesn't speak to the skill set you likely sold your potential employer on during the interview. You made the first impression at the interview now back it up with your negotiation skills.
8. Do be time sensitive. Respond within a day. You don't have to respond in 5 minutes, but don't let it hang. If you need a few days to respond, let them know.

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