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Is the leader in family law reform. We are developing affiliates in every state, promoting our message through national and local public relations and legislative education.

Shared Parenting is the future.

Together we can change our laws.

With shared parenting kids have equal or nearly equal time with both parents after divorce. We need your help making a video to get support in your state. 

How you can help

We just need a few minutes of your time. If you can take a video on your cell phone you can help. It's free and won't take very long.

Get your phone out!

This is the easy part. You may already have it out. Take a break from your social media or work and click over to the camera app. 

Make a short video

Make a short video following our script below, then tell us one or two sentences why you support shared parenting

Share your video

Share your video on social media and let your colleagues, friends and family know why you support shared parenting. 

Send us your video

Send us a link to your video or email us a copy of your video. We will take all the videos we get and edit them into one video. 

It's Easy to Help! Just make a video.

"I'm a (Mother, Father, Grandparent, Sister, Brother) from (City, State) and I support shared parenting.

I support shared parenting because...."
Just read the script above in front of your phone.  Make it your own by telling us if you are a mother, father, or other relation and where you're from. You can add a sentence or two why you support shared parenting. Start out with "I support shared parenting because...."

Don't go into details about your case! Keep it simple. Be genuine and let us know why you are so passionate about shared parenting. We won't use negative clips, so keep it positive

Here are some helpful tips for making your video:

Don't go into details about your case! Keep it simple. Be genuine and let us know why you are so passionate about shared parenting. We won't use negative clips, so keep it positive

Take a minute to make sure your background is clutter free and kids friendly! Make sure the background doesn't distract from your video.  A good background is a plain wall or a kids play set. 

Put your phone or camera horizontal. This will help us edit the clips and make the best looking video.  

We are the National Parents Organization

The National Parents Organization is a charitable and educational 501 (c)(3), organization focused on promoting shared parenting. Shared parenting is where both parents have equal time and share decision making raising children after a separation or divorce. Preserving a strong bond between children and their parents is critically important to children's emotional, mental, and physical health.
"Research shows that shared parenting children are winners. The funny thing is that both parents win, too. Neither is denied his or her half of parenting time. Neither parent is forced to work all day long and then be a single parent all night long every day.

Matt Hale

Kentucky Chapter
"When kids grow up with both parents they grow up to be better adults. We owe it to our kids to make sure fit, willing and able parents are able to have a meaningful part of their kids lives."

Chris Batcheller

Kansas Chapter
"I absolutely believe, we in Missouri would not have passed our first Shared Parenting bill if it wasn't for the support and media attention garnered by NPO's Ned Holstein and his remarkable team."

Linda Reutzel

Missouri Chapter

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