Your event, broadcast LIVE.

We broadcast your event LIVE to social media including Facebook and YouTube. We do all filming and production and broadcast during your event. Great for corporate events, trade shows, weddings, school events and more. 

How does LIVE video work?


We will set up at your event with one or multiple cameras and audio equipment.   We are there to capture the action or the moment as it happens. 

LIVE Production

Video and audio feeds from our cameras are mixed into one professional video stream. That stream is sent to social media LIVE. Viewers online will be able to see your event as it happens with only a few second delay from the real action. 

View Online

Your friends, family or customers will be able to view the event as it happens. Viewers can watch on the social media channels you choose including Facebook and YouTube. We can even set up paywalls or limited access if you want to have a private event. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my event be view able after the initial broadcast? 

Yes ! We record all broadcasts and most social platforms like Facebook will keep your broadcast in your timeline so others can view it after the live video has ended.  We will also send you a download link to download the recording.  

Will you have more than one camera angle?

Yes! A typical event uses three camera angles. We can produce events with only one camera or more than three. 

Can you edit the video after the event? 

Yes! We provide editing services as needed. 

Do you need Internet access at the event?

No, we will bring our own cellular Internet. If you have Internet for us to use we will use it. We are able to bundle several Internet connection so we have the best connection possible! 

Corporate Events

Live stream your corporate events to your customers or employees. This is a great way to keep in touch with people that are critical to your business.  


Got friends and family who can't make it to your wedding?  Don't let them miss out! We can broadcast the ceremony and the reception so your friends and family get the full experience. 

Also great for:

School Events

Graduations to plays and musicals all make great events to broadcast on your schools social media page.  For the friends and family that can't make it, a live broadcast brings them into the action.   

Trade Shows

Using LIVE video will help promote your trade show or will bring people to your booth at a trade show.  Use the excitement of LIVE video to promote and get maximum profits from your event. 

Online Marketing

Make your own event by hosting a webinar or online event to talk about your product or service.  Answer questions or talk about some exciting news that you have. LIVE video is a great way to generate buzz! 

Mid South Tackle Hunting & Boat Show 

The Midsouth Tackle Hunting and Boat Show is the best of its kind in eastern Oklahoma! We filmed live and interviewed vendors and show participants.  The videos produced were streamed LIVE to Facebook with thousands of views.

Get your live broadcast started today!

The first step in a live broadcast is to contact the video production team! Take that step right now and get your video started. 

Ready for Takeoff?

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level. Contact us today to reserve your seat and start the journey to get your product or services off the ground!
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