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I’m proud to offer the National Parents Organization (NPO) this proposal for marketing, creative, and other services through my company CheckSix Creative Studio (Ck6). As an avid advocate for shared parenting, I understand how vital the NPO mission is.and I appreciate the challenges of passing shared parenting legislation.

I’ve prepared this proposal as a starting point for our conversation. I look forward to discussing how I can help move the NPO mission forward in full or in part with what is offered here.

I’ve started with some options to raise funds that will help move the NPO mission forward. Following the fundraising, I’m presenting a social media strategy and several marketing campaigns to raise awareness for the NPO mission.

As the needs of the organization grow or change, I’m happy to adjust the services offered up or down. I have reduced my regular agency rates since NPO is non-profit, and this is an issue that I’m passionate for. The NPO rate I have quoted is $30/hr for creative services and $50/hr for consulting services (normally $75/hr for creative and $125 for consulting). This will maximize the effect of the work that we do for the NPO. I’ve used estimates for typical times to complete various items. Actual times may vary based on complexities and customer revisions.

I look forward to discussing this proposal and helping you bring the critical NPO mission nationwide!

Take care, Chris

Biography -

Chris Batcheller is the owner and creative director of CheckSix Creative Studio. He holds an engineering degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and has worked as an aircraft engineer and engineering manager since 2004. He is also a pilot and flight instructor and has over 1800 hours of flight time and over 1000 hours of time instructing students.

He has had a passion for photography since his first art class in high school where he learned to take photos and develop black and white prints. Since that time he has worked with several publications as both a writer and photographer.

More recently he has turned his writing talents to social media. He currently administers the National Parents Organization Kansas Facebook page ( and has built that page from zero followers to over 1000.

He has expanded his photography work in videography and enjoys the challenge of creating engaging and meaningful video content.  He has worked to create commercials for companies and had made several videos to support the National Parents Organization Kansas Facebook page.

As an director and manager, Chris has experience directing a staff of professional engineers in both powerplant engineering and government bids and proposals. His current full time job is the Supervisor of the Engineering Project Office at Textron Aviation Defense which oversees projects and bids and proposals for aircraft sales to government customers.

Chris spent some time at his current work in the marketing department where he became the marketing manager for the King Air line, a business turboprop aircraft that sells for between $4 and $7 million USD. In that position he learned to sell to high level executives.

Chris has spent the last three years working in Kansas to pass shared parenting legislation. He currently is the chair of the Kansas executive committee. The Kansas chapter rallied over 80+ members to submit written testimonies and had a successful call-in campaign where this years bill passed in the Kansas Senate 39-1.

Chris is also currently working on a MA in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. Media Psychology applies the psychology of human behavior and emotion to media and technology impact, design and distribution. As a student he has written several papers on parenting issues including positive psychology using the NPO Kansas Facebook page as a data set.  He plans to continue his studies and earn a PhD in Media Psychology.

Initial Services

This section covers the proposed fundraising and social media services that are the immediate need of the NPO.

Grassroots Fundraising - Small Donations (Sub $5,000 per year per person)

Advise the NPO on developing occurring donations from members. May include the development of social media content, web pages and videos. - $30/hr (billed per month for total hours that period)

Fundraising - Corporate Sponsors

Develop a corporate fundraising marketing campaign that includes conducting market research and contacting companies. Elements of the marketing campaign: 1) Market analysis to determine key players 2) Letter drive - snail mail letter to key players 3) Develop an "insiders club" email list - This list has exclusivity for corporate sponsors and will focus on the benefits of shared parenting to companies and how companies can use social issue to improve their image 4) LinkedIn Campaign - use LinkedIn advertising to find donors 5) Sneaker Net - Includes phone calls and in-person visits to key players to build support (and donations) to the NPO Fee - 20% of donations + reasonable expenses (advertising costs, materials cost, etc. Budget to be agreed upon prior to spending)

NPO National Social Media

Ck6 will advise the NPO and create media for the NPO social media channels. Includes advising and helping the NPO grow social media subscribers. Includes a dashboard and monthly reports. Advise and write content for paid social media campaigns. -Dashboard Base costs (monthly) - $200 for up to 10 social media profiles - $250 for up to 25 social media profiles - $350 for up to 40 social media profiles -Option 1 - Base Cost + $360 ($30/hr 12 hours month support) -Option 2 - Base Cost + $720 ($30/hr 24 hours month support) -Option 1 - Base Cost + $1,080 ($30/hr 36 hours month support)

Additional Recommendations

I've included items here that the NPO could choose to do now or in the future.

“I support shared parenting” Video Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to create a visual piece that communicates the message that people of both genders and all ages and backgrounds support shared parenting. A web page and short video will ask NPO volunteers to make a video on their cell phone saying “I support shared parenting and I’m from city-state” along with one sentence why they support shared parenting. These videos will then be stitched together as a montage and include a short introductory message. Each word of “I support shared parenting” will be said by a different person. The final visual result will be men and women of different ages and races supporting shared parenting. The final video will be suitable for social media messaging. Additional videos for each state could be edited together if we get enough videos from a particular state. - Pre-planning - Create video and webpage asking for video submissions - 10 hours ($300) - Video collection - Work with volunteers to collect videos (NPO will collect videos) - Edit videos together - 20 hours ($600) - Promote final video - 15 hours ($450) - Total - 65 hours ($1,350)

College Age Children of Divorce Documentary

A 30 minute documentary showing multiple college students talking about how divorce affected them personally and how they wish the system was different. The documentary will feature at least three states. The narrative will build the theme that this is a national issue across multiple states. - Total - Detailed production proposal available upon request.

The Child Support Fix

A 30-minute Documentary showing all the money that states profit from IV-D funding and how this hurts families. Follow the money at the state level then follow families in that state. Create an emotional attachment to families while showing the federal/state costs to families. - Total - Detailed production proposal available upon request.

Volunteer Advocacy Training - Online video course

The final product is a self-paced video course to train volunteers. 10–12 videos (5 to 15 minutes each) and text will teach the basics of shared parenting advocacy. The course will include handouts (such as talking points). - Option 1 - Paid for by NPO and NPO retains all rights. The course can be offered free or the NPO can charge a nominal fee. - Pre-planning and scriptwriting - 40 hours ($1,200) - Video production - 20 hours ($600) - Video editing - 40 hours ($1,200) - Online course setup - 20 hours ($600) - Total - 120 hours ($3,600) - Option 2 - Paid for by Ck6 and Ck6 retains all rights. Course offered to NPO and others for a nominal fee of $40 per person (paid for by each person when they enroll). The course will be a generic advocacy training class and will have a specific module for shared parenting. Ck6 will market the course through NPO webpages, NPO social media and NPO email lists to NPO volunteers. - Total - No cost to NPO

Hot Topics Landing Pages

Create landing pages (mini-website) for shared parenting hot topics that talk about the myth and the truth of each of these issues. Specific pages for domestic violence, child support, the best interest of the child. Pages will have graphics and text to support the truth about each issue. - Research - 4 hours ($200 - $50/hr) - Web Design - 8 hours ($240) - Promotion (email campaign and social media) - 6 hours ($180) - Total per Landing Page - 18 hours ($620)


Host a monthly or weekly podcast. Guests may include professionals (lawyers, judges, psychologists, shared parenting advocates). The podcast will be hosted online and available on iTunes and other popular podcasting platforms. The podcast to be promoted on social media. Per episode: - Pre-planning - 3 hours ($90) - Hosting podcast - 1 hour ($30) - Post-production / editing - 4 hours ($120) - Post to iTunes - 1 hour ($30) - Intial Set-up (graphics, hosting, etc.) - 20 hours ($600) - One-Time only - Total per episode - 9 hours ($270)

Write and Distribute Press Releases

Write press releases on specific topics and distribute them to state legislators and news/media outlets. - Write Press Release - 8 hours ($240) - Distribute Press Release - 4 hours ($120) + wire service costs - Total - 12 hours ($360 + wire service costs)

State Chapter Communications - Video Calls

Host a monthly or as needed video calls with state chapters to talk about national news or provide training. Help promote video calls on social media. Arrange for guests as needed. - Setup - 1 hour ($30) - Hosting Video Call - 1 hour ($30) - Post to website/YouTube - 1 hour ($30) - Total - 3 hours ($90)

State Testimony Survey

Build and deploy state-specific surveys. Each survey will be tailored to the language in that state. The survey can be used as written testimony in hearings. Survey results sent to volunteers to hand-deliver to senators and house representatives. See an example here: - Research - 4 hours ($200 - $50/hr) - Survey and Web Design - 8 hours ($240) - Promotion (email campaign and social media) - 6 hours ($180) - Total per Survey - 18 hours ($620)

Initial Timeline

I'd like to get the corporate donation campaign and the social media dashboard setup first. Timelines for other items can be given as requested.

Estimated Timeline:

March - April

Corporate Donation Campaign Setup
2-4 Weeks
Social Media Management Setup
2-3 Weeks

Your Investment

All prices are estimates and may change if the scope of the work changes. Prior to starting any project a scope of work and final budget will be agreed upon by both parties. Fundraising - No upfront investment is required by the NPO for fundraising aspects. Any costs will be discussed prior to incurring them. Social Media - First month's payment required in advance. After that, billing will be monthly (or as agreed) for the next upcoming month. Any paid social media campaign costs will be presented in advance.

Social Media

Total: $560

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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