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Marketing Proposal for Vitamin Infusion

I'm pleased to offer you my services to get your business off the ground. I'm offering a complete start-up solution that will establish your company brand and get you started with marketing and advertising.  I'm also offering you continuing marketing services, including social media management, letting you focus on your customers. Please let me know if you have any questions about this proposal or if you would like me to adust any of the offered services.

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Here is what you need to get your marketing off the ground!

Scope of Services

Branding - Logo and Tagline

I'll provide several options for a company tagline for marketing use. I'll also design a logo and allow for three customer changes to the initial design before the final design is set. Once the logo is set, I'll present several color pallets to be used as the company brand colors. Final delivery is the company logo in several sizes, along with branding guidelines that include the company colors (in CMYK and Web Format) and how to use the logo. This will give your company and brand a consistent message from the start.

Website and Scheduling System

I'll design your company website using the WordPress architecture and Oxygen Builder. The final website will include information sections, a bio section, a contact section with form, and a link to an online scheduling system. I'll also include the initial setup of a third party scheduling system. Third-party scheduling system costs (installation and monthly) are not included in this quote. Website design to start after the company logo and brand colors are completed.

Social Media Starter Pack

I'll establish a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Includes account creation and graphics for headers and profile images. Includes market research to come up with a strategy for each platform.

Additional Recommendations

I like to present flexible options to my clients so they can make the right choices for their business. These optional services will give your business extra recognition in the marketplace.

Introduction and Social Media Video

Includes the production of a video that will introduce your company and services. Since vitamin infusion is new to the Wichita Area, a video will be an essential tool to get your message out. The introduction video will be approximately 2 minutes long. Shorter segments will be edited for social media. It also includes the production of up to six thirty second interview-style endorsements from actual customers to be used on social media.

Monthly Social Media & Ad Management

Sit back and relax while your social media is on autopilot! I'll manage your social media channels, pushing out content using specialized software. I'll also answer comments as needed and advise you on when and how to post to social media so your brand can have a personal touch. I will also manage your online ads weekly. Includes 4x weekly posts each for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Branding - Logo, and Tagline must be finished before work on the website can begin. Website and Scheduling System and Social Media Starter Pack can occur concurrently. Introduction and Social Media Video can be started after the website, and social media sites are complete.

Estimated Timeline:

Branding - Logo and Tagline
2-3 Weeks
Website and Scheduling System
4-6 Weeks
Social Media Starter Pack
1-2 Weeks
Introduction and Social Media Video
3-4 Weeks

Your Investment

When it comes to getting the word out, we know that you need the best return on your investment. With a consistent company brand, a website, and a social media presence, you will be well-positioned to bring in new customers and impress them with your services!

Branding - Logo and Tagline
Website and Scheduling System
Social Media Starter Pack
Introduction and Social Media Video
Monthly Social Media & Ad Management ($200 mo + 25% of ad spend)

Total: $3200

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CheckSix Creative Studio is a marketing and video production company located in Andover, Kansas.  We specialize in niche marketing, working with clients who have unique products and services in specialized markets.

Here is our simple terms and conditions:

  1. Currency - All prices in US Dollars.
  2. Payment Terms (except monthly) - One-half payment required to start work, remaining balance due when work is finished.
  3. Payment Terms (monthly items) - Payment in full for the first month is required to start work. The client will be billed monthly, quarterly or yearly according to billing terms agreed upon.
  4. Payments Accepted - CheckSix Creative Studio accepts check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.
  5. Client deliverables - Client deliverables (information, images, etc. needed from the client) are required with the deposit in order to start work.
  6. Timeline - All timeline dates and durations are estimates and not a guarantee of delivery.
  7. Communication - Primary communication with the client shall be by email or Slack unless otherwise specified.
  8. Laws - The laws of the State of Kansas shall be used in any litigation, mediation or dispute.
  9. Mediation - Prior to litigation parties agree to mediate in good faith with the initiating party paying for mediation costs.
  10. Intellectual Property - CheckSix Studio retains the rights to all works and deliverables created unless agreed upon in advance.
  11. Fair Use - CheckSix Studio reserves the right to use any part of or all of any works or deliverables created for this project for the purpose of self-promotion and advertising.
  12. Pricing - Pricing on this proposal is valid for 30 days. After 30 days pricing is subject to change. Pricing is set when the proposal is accepted and the work is booked.

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