We have video covered.

From live event video production to shooting commercials or social media video we have your video production needs covered.  

Our Video Services

Commercial Videos

We'll make a video to showcase your product or service. We take care of everything from scripting,  casting and shooting to distributing your final video. 

Live Event Video

Got a corporate event or a wedding coming up?  Invite us to the party so we can capture your special event. From single camera to multi-camera productions, we have you covered.  We also stream LIVE to the web!

Social Media Video

Need to promote your product or service on the web? We do that! 

Live Streaming

We offer Live Streaming with all our on-location event services.  Live stream your corporate event or wedding direct to Facebook, YouTube and other social media services.  Ask us about adding on this service so guests can view your event from all over the world live!  

Showcase: The Avid Artistry Story

Learn how Avid Artistry in Wichita, Kansas (https://www.avidartistry.com) got started and what's behind the name.  Amanda June Smith explains what you can expect during a boudoir photo shoot.

Showcase: ICARUS Devices

CheckSix Studio created this video for ICARUS Devices to introduce their revolutionary product to the helicopter training market. The Device uses Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film to electronically alter the pilots visibility and create a weather scenario.

Showcase: Dads Care 2

We helped out Dads Care 2 (https://www.dadscare2.org) showcase the great work they do with dads in the Wichita, Kansas area. Dennis Fontelroy of Dads Care 2 tells us what his organization does and how dads get help in their time of need. We love giving back to the community helping organizations that help others!

Get your video started today!

The first step in a video production is to contact the video agency! Take that step right now and get your video started. 

Ready for Takeoff?

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level. Contact us today to reserve your seat and start the journey to get your product or services off the ground!
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