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Live Dashboard

We are fully transparent with our live dashboard that you have 24'7' live access to in-depth reporting you need to win.

Say goodbye to overcomplicated analytics dashboards, and hello to simple and insightful reports and tools that focus on the things that impact your brand the most.

Google Analytics
Track live keyword ranking with Agency Dashboard. Discover how your important keywords are performing on Google.

-Search Position Tracking
Track the position of local, national, and global keywords on Google search engine. Setup your local, national, and international Rank tracking with ease. Track keywords with the ZIP code, city, state, and country to stay ahead of your competitors

-Calculate Keywords Potential
Gain insights on keywords with search volume and competition.

-Automatic Alerts
Get automatic notifications on email as keyword rankings change.

-Desktop & Mobile Search
Check the positions in desktop and mobile search for as many keywords as you need. Compare and optimize desktop and mobile rankings to improve your Google visibility.

SEO Report
An insightful SEO performance report for agency clients—keyword rankings, backlinks, technical SEO & website analytics.

-Keyword Rankings
Discover and examine the performance of hundreds of keywords on popular search engines—Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Agency clients can view how targeted keywords are progressing daily, weekly, and monthly—on PCs, smartphones, and other devices.

-Backlink Profile
Examine your website's backlink profile up and close. Determine from where your website is receiving max links?; are they spammy or high-quality?; did you lose profitable links over time?

Many simple to complicated questions are answered. Easy integration with Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, and many other tools.

-SEO Site Audit
What's your website's health score? Get to know what's not visible to the naked eye. Our technical SEO audit uncovers performance glitches that hinder user experience & negatively impact website ranking on popular SERPs.

Fix the broken links, and implement redirection. canonical tags, and so much more.

-Website Analytics
Integrate with Google Analytics and unlock useful performance data about SEO campaigns. Find out the no. of users, average session per page, bounce rate, organic/paid traffic, business leads, and more.

Agency clients will know what’s driving or hampering their website’s SEO and marketing ROI.

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