Learn About us

Video coming soon. All about CheckSix Creative Studio! 

What We Do?

Social Media Video

Your social media needs great videos. We do it all from concept to production to distribution. 

Live Event Video

From single camera to multi camera coverage of your corporate event or wedding, let us be there to capture your moment. We record and broadcast to social media live! 


Strong branding will win you customers. Let us create a brand for you or give your current brand a tune-up. Make sure your company brand is memorable! 

Social Media Marketing

Want to get sales from social media but don't know where to start? Let us take care of your content creation, pushing content to social and managing your comments, likes and shares.  

Content Marketing

Great content marketing isn't seen as an advertisement and is very effective when done right. Let us create your content and then place that in the right places. 

Click Funnel Marketing

Click funnels is one of the most powerful ways to get sales from your web site. Let us put that power to work for you! 

Who we are

CheckSix Creative Studio is an advertising and marketing firm based in the Wichita, Kansas area. We offer traditional marketing services such as marketing strategies, social media management, advertisement creation and management, branding services such as logo design and much more.

We also know that your business needs more than just “traditional” marketing services. We also offer services in all the areas that marketing touches including product and service management, information management, pricing, distribution, promotion, and selling. We can solve problems and help you make your business better. Ask us how we can help you in a consulting or full service role to help your business operate smoothly and attract more customers.

As a marketing and advertising agency, we want to be an expert in your field. We believe that in order to help promote and sell your products and services, we have to really know them! In the beginning of a client relationship we take the time to get to know your product and services along with the people who make your company work. On-the-job immersion is our preferred method to get to know your company and the people behind it. If you manufacture something, we want to be there in the factory (bonus if you will let us build something!). If you offer a service we’d like to tag along. 

If you are considering another agency, ask them if they routinely get know their customers at this level.

About the "Flying 6" Logo

We’ve dubbed our logo the “Flying 6”. Our founder started in the aviation industry and is also a pilot. Our logo is a nod to those roots.

It starts out with a circle enclosing the number 6. The circle represents our ongoing service to you. The 6 while symbolic of our name “CheckSix Creative Studio” also represents the “Big Six” marketing functions which are product and service management, information management, pricing, distribution, promotion, and selling. As the “Big Six” show, marketing is much more than advertisements! We are here to help you with all those areas! 

The wings represent our services giving flight to your success.

Does your company logo have a special meaning? we’d love to know what makes your logo unique.

Ready for Takeoff?

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level. Contact us today to reserve your seat and start the journey to get your product or services off the ground!
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